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  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD December 18, 2012

Testimony by Kevin Cunningham

Kevin and Christine Cunningham lead an apostolic missions team in Colombia, South America. For the past six years they have been living in Pereira, Colombia, the capital of the coffee growing region. Pereira is centered in Colombia's power triangle formed by the cities of Medellin, Cali and Bogota.

The Cunninghams received their Bachelors Degrees in Biblical Studies with special emphasis in World Missions from Trinity College of Ministry in June of 1976. They are ordained ministers through Master Builders a Fellowship of New Testament Churches and are members Trinity Chapel in Knoxville, TN. Trinity Chapel, pastored by Neil Silverberg is the local sending church for the Cunninghams.

In the Late 1990's God called Kevin and Christine into the mission field. The Cunninghams had been successful business people who had purchased their dream “retirement” home when God revealed a different plan for their lives. They began a seven year process that included 4 years of Bible College, traveling throughout Latin America on short-term missions trips and selling their home and possessions.

August 1st, 1996 Kevin and Christine arrived with their 10 suitcases in Pereira, Colombia. It has been an amazing adventure! In six years they have planted 14 new churches including 3 among unreached people groups. One church is in the Pacific coast jungle with the Epena Pedee tribe and two churches with a central Andes mountains tribe, the Embera Chami.

The Cunninghams have seen thousands of Colombians respond to calls to repentance and God has been faithful to confirm his word with signs, wonders and miracles. God continues to open doors and the gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached to all of Colombia, from the poorest of the poor to business and government leaders.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD December 11, 2012

Testimony by Tyler Lynde

Tyler is the Ministry Manager at Trinity Chapel. He comes from a ministry background where he has served at different times as praise and worship leader, youth pastor, senior pastor, and most recently as the life groups pastor of a large church in North Carolina. He was born in Billings, Montana and spent most of his formative years in Wyoming where the Lord Jesus Christ first encountered him. He is married to Amy and has four children, Jordan, Hannah, Levi, & Benjamin. His life's ambition is to follow Christ and in so doing to help others to learn to follow Christ as well.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD December 4, 2012 Testimony by Tim Heck

I grew up in North Knoxville and graduated from Central High School in 1982. I started working in the Knox County Sheriff's Department in 1986; working in the jail and on patrol and currently as a detective. My current rank is Detective 2.

I’ve been married for 19 years to my wife, Lisa. We have two sons; Corey, 28, and Robert, 17. I'm very proud of both my sons.

We also have two dogs; a poodle and a Brittany spaniel (they demand a lot of our attention).

In my spare time, I enjoy my yard , roses and vines, and I make soy candles which I sell.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD November 27, 2012

Testimony by Phil Timp


National Motivational Speaker

  • “In All Her Silence” - 1994-2011; Phil has told a compelling family story featuring his severely disabled daughter to education, disabilities, spiritual and business audiences at conferences across the United States and Canada.
  • “Silver Linings” - 2012-Present; Phil now delivers a transformational story highlighting his powerfully positive perspective on life while facing ALS, a terminal illness also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Media, Telecommunications, Public Relations Experience

Print Media - 1979-1988; daily newspapers in Virginia

  • Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor; Associated Press award winner

Telecommunications - 1988-2001; management with Sprint, Inc.

  • Public Relations, Regulatory Affairs, Competitive Intelligence

Public Relations - 2002-Present; executive for The Corporate Image

  • Sr. Vice President of PR firm; Public Relations Society of America awards

Philanthropy Leadership

The Beth Foundation - 1998-Present

  • Founder/Executive Director of 501(c)(3) non-profit disabilities foundation providing financial assistance to families with children with rare or severe disabilities.


Washington & Lee University, Lexington, Va. - 1977-1979

  • B.A. - Journalism and Communications, cum laude

Volunteer Commitments

  • Bristol Family YMCA Board of Directors President
  • Pioneering Healthier Communities Leader
  • Public Relations Society of America Board of Directors
  • Church Elder and Deacon
  • Youth Baseball, Football, Basketball Coach


  • Tri-Cities Chapter PRSA Rod Irvin Excellence Award
  • Bristol Rotary Club 4-Test Award
  • Associated Press Writing Awards
  • Sprint Speakers Bureau Awards


  • Motivational Speaking
  • Writing
  • Former marathon/biathlon/triathlon competitor
  • Coaching
  • Sports Broadcasting
  • Parent Advocacy


  • Husband of Cindy Prince Timp for 33 years
  • Father of Elizabeth Timp (30), Katherine Timp (27), Joseph Timp (22)
  • Native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; resident of Virginia
  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD November 20, 2012 Testimony by Patricia Neuner

I was one of my parents' 12 living children (one died of pneumonia long before I was born in 1942). I was the 5th from the youngest. Praise God I had a God­fearing mother and father who made sure we were in church every time the doors were open, unless we were sick. I was raised on a farm where my Dad raised tobacco for many years, including all our food we ate.

After graduating from Draughon's Business College and working at the U. T. Agricultural Campus in Knoxville, I moved to San Francisco, CA to live with an older sister and her husband, whose family lived near S.F.

I worked full time (after 6 months of job hunting) for a small consulting engineering company for about six years. There I met a very sweet man named Eric Neuner whom I was introduced to by one of my coworkers. We married in 1970; he was not a Christian and neither was I. Both Eric and I were regular "social drinkers", though I didn't realize at the time that Eric was a true alcoholic, raised in a drinking German family. However, before I divorced Eric in March of 1976, we had a beautiful son named
Richard, who is now 39 years old, living in San Francisco. I had already been introduced to the wonderful practice of wine drinking by my sister and her spouse, who purchased cases of wine from Napa Valley. From that first drink of wine (1964) until 1970, I had learned to drink every mix of every drink except Scotch, and closed most of the bars in S.F., along with my girlfriends or some man I had met in a bar or wherever. While I was still married, I had changed jobs to work for Bechtel Power
Corporation's home office in S.F., which later led to my being promoted to the office of secretary to one of the Dept. Managers.

While I was at Bechtel, I went with my girlfriends every Friday night after work to the bars to drink and "have fun." In March 1976, one month after Eric moved a block down the street to room with a buddy of his, who had worked with him several years, I came home from the bars and looked for something
entertaining to watch on TV, hopefully for Johnny Carson or some late night talk show. The first thing which came on TV was a handsome black-haired man talking about the great love of Jesus; he spoke of how Jesus was waiting with open arms of love to welcome you to come to Him, and to spend eternity with Him.

The phrase which exploded from my mouth was exactly: "What is this Jesus?" I wasn't looking for Jesus, I didn't want Jesus, and I really wasn't interested in hearing about Him. Which simply proves the Word of God to be perfectly on target: "No man (woman) comes to me unless the Holy Spirit draws him/her." Without even consciously realizing it, I continued to listen for at least two hours, until the preacher (later I learned he was Jim Bakker) ended the program. I had totally lost all my human reasoning; I thought any good Southern Baptist woman had to be on her knees in order to pray. So I got down by my sofabed, and poured out my heart to Jesus and Father God (who I said I didn't believe in). I described myself to God, as I knew myself to be, as if He didn't have a clue how obnoxiously immoral I had become (not only the drinking, but you can imagine I'm sure). Over and over I repeated: "So God, if you're even real, then you prove it." Or "If you think you can change me, then you do it, because I can't change myself; I've tried (drinking, cussing with street language, sleeping w/an engineer who later got fired because of our relationship)." Finally, I said to God that I was going to go to bed and go to sleep. That's exactly what I did, slept like an innocent child all night long. When I woke up on Saturday morning and began to walk through my apartment (my son was with his Dad that weekend), I began to realize that someone had taken over my whole being, washed out my filthy mouth, cleaned out my filthy mind, and had instantly, while I slept, moved into my body/spirit and made me a new creation. Totally changed from one nature into another Godly nature. That was the end of my bar-hopping, cussing, drinking, and blatant immorality.

I have never looked back to wish I could return to that destructive lifestyle. After about 8 months, I was prayed for to receive that "Power from on High" and instantly spoke in a Heavenly language, which is a marvelous gift of Father God, available to any Christian who desires it but not necessary for one to go to Heaven after death.
  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD November 13, 2012

Testimony by Rob Ellis


Rob Ellis came to the States from his home in Ontario Canada in 1983 to attend missions training with “Youth With A Mission”.
To continue his desire to do missions work, Rob attended Spanish language school in Guatemala, after which he began working on staff with YWAM Miami.

Rob stayed in Miami from 1986- 1991, during which he trained missionaries and helped lead missions trips.  During this time, Rob met his wife, Christine, a girl from Knoxville TN.  After a brief time in Virginia, working as youth pastors in Big Stone Gap, Rob and Chris and their 9 month old daughter moved to Tennessee.

After working a job for 4 years, they took a position with Trinity Chapel and became the Children's Pastors. They worked with the children's ministry for nearly 15 years before setting out on their newest venture, Children's Ministry Outreach directors.
The vision they now follow was birthed from mission trips to Buffalo, New York where they worked with the Buffalo Dream Center. They saw how God wanted them to work with the poor of Knoxville, being the hands and feet of Jesus to bless families and especially the children of the inner city.

Rob and Chris joined up with Knoxville Inner City Kids Outreach (KICKO) and began doing Sidewalk Sunday School.  They now do Sunday School in 7 different areas of Knoxville's inner city.  As they have built relationships with the children and their families, they have endeavored to meet the needs of the families they meet. They now do mobile food distribution, "free" yard sales, furniture delivery and Sunday School.

Rob and Chris have 6 children. All of their children, including their 2 year old, help alongside them in their ministry.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD November 6, 2012

Testimony by Deborah B. Smith

Deborah Baker Smith exudes the joy of the Lord while ministering unto Him and serving in the Body of Christ as Prophetic Song Warrior! As she worships the Lord Jesus, Yeshua Messiah, His Presence floods the atmosphere.

As head of Eternal Worship Ministries, Deborah travels near and far proclaiming the saving love ,power, and deliverance in the precious Name of Jesus through Word and song. Deborah is also active in Aglow International Ministries, and prison ministry. She also teaches and mentors young and older in voice and piano.

After nurturing the gifts of singing and playing piano through the professional avenues of Opera, Symphony Orchestra, and Theatre Companies, God called her in to His fields ripe for harvest.

God has burned Israel and His Jewish people in to Deborah’s heart, and she and her husband,Paul, pray fervently for Israel, and for the Jews to receive Yeshua , Jesus, as Lord and Savior. They also minister to the Body of Christ for the opening of eyes to our Jewish roots and Covenants. Deborah has a special love for Jewish music and dance!

The deepest cries of Deborah’s heart include:

  1. For ALL tribes and nations to love and worship Yeshua Messiah and receive a passion for His truth and holiness.

  2. To see our 1st Nations’ people-particularly Deborah’s tribe of Cherokee Indians- restored to true covenant worship of Yeshua Messiah.

  3. To see the younger generations rise up in the fear of the Lord with Kingdom vision

  4. To mentor young worshippers in to the fragrance of the Lord

  5. To see the Body of Christ rise up in to position as the Triumphant Bride, persevering in faith with the fire  of His holiness and humility.

  6. To disciple nations to align with Israel ,to unity of one new man.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD October 30, 2012

Testimony by Mary Burke

I am a 34 year old women who is a mother of three wonderful boys and the wife of a miraculous husband. My husband and I have been together since we were 15 years of age. We met at church and it was orchestrated by God all the way. We began to date and ended up marrying at 20, we both began college and started our carriers shortly after. We had our first child David Jr at 22, second child Daniel Michael at 25, and third child Dawson Noah at 27. We both worked for Ford Motor company and had a side business as well. We attended church on Sundays and just tried to make a decent life for ourselves and children.

Two years after the birth of our 3rd son Dawson my husband was in a severe motorcycle accident. He was on his way home on a Friday night after working 12 hours at work that day. He and I were going to take a motorcycle ride together that evening and go get a bite to eat. His mom agreed to watch the children but only if I wrote her a note saying if something happened to him and I while riding on the bike she would have custody of the children. I agreed and went home to get ready for my husband. As I was in the shower I started getting feelings about him and felt uneasy about them. I started to blow dry my hair and the feelings became stronger. I then sat down on the coach and made some phone calls and no one had heard from David. I then decided to go find him and that I did and this was a long journey that we are still going through today.

My husband was in a severe motorcycle accident caused by another car who was delivering a pizza for a pizza company in Monroe, Michigan. He was in the hospital for 9 long months. During the hospital stay he was in a coma for about 4 months and in post traumatic amnesia for 9 months. The doctors didn't give us much hope at all. I laid the bible on him everyday and played gospel music for him everyday. In fact I would actually have church in the room with him even while he was in the coma. His mom and I never gave up, many a day we would fast and pray. We also made audio tapes of our children's voices to play for him while he lay there and miraculously he would open his eyes for that. He was responding to the Word of God and the doctors didn't believe us at first.

Today, five years later, my Husband David can walk with the help of a walker and of course He walks for Jesus every day. We are going out to churches and giving our testimony and want to continue giving back because God has done so much for us. My CD was released by Tate music group on August 7, 2012 and my husband is currently working on his book that he is hoping to have published sometime next year. Our three boys also help us in many ways and they are the very reason we do what we do everyday to show them how to walk with Jesus. We owe everything to our Heavenly Father and we hope to bless everyone who we can.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD October 23, 2012

Testimony by Patty Clemons

Patty Clemons, born and raised in Knoxville, TN is a woman that has endured many tragedies in her lifetime, and Faithful Promises Ministry was birthed out those great personal tragedies, and became a passion to show the love of God. From reaching out to the hopeless walking the streets, to the body with counseling and words of hope, to Childrens Hospital with gifts and hugs to the sick, to the nations carrying the Gospel, Faithful Promises is a ministry dedicated to all people to show the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD October 16, 2012 Testimony by Paulette Pace

Elder Paulette Pace is the oldest of six children, and the mother of three daughters, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She retired from UT Vet School after twenty-three years and a total of twenty nine years with the state. She is the widow of Elder John Pace, who served in Korea in 1969.

She was called into the ministry in 1981 and has served as a pastor in South Pittsburg, TN. nine years; then in Alcoa for nine years, she is presently pastor at The House Of God Church in Maryville, TN.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD October 9, 2012

Testimony by Tim Parker

Tim Parker has been a singer, songwriter, worship leader and pastor whose origins in Christian music began in 1978 when he answered God’s call on his life to full-time ministry. For the several years that followed, Tim was a concert artist at churches and at high school and college campuses throughout the region. Along with his band, Charity, he continued to perform evangelistic concerts and signed his first Christian music recording contract with Morada Records in 1983 with the album release “An Offering”.

Tim’s concert ministry took an unanticipated turn in 1986 when God open the door for him to serve full time as minister of music on the staff at a local church. Since that time, his role as a song-writer shifted to primarily writing praise and worship music for use in the church. For the past 20 + years, Tim has been a pastor and leader in the area of church planting.  In that time, he has been the catalyst in starting 4 new church plants in the east Tennessee area, the most recent being CrossPoint Church where he serves as the Lead & Teaching Pastor.

For several years, Tim has had the opportunity to be a clinician, conference speaker and leader in the areas of worship leadership, development and church planting and has  recorded two live praise and worship albums of all original songs, released through Riverbend Music Group, a non-profit corporation from which he has recorded and published his music and which he serves as founder and president.

While he is humbled by the road that God has allowed him to walk as a singer, songwriter, worship leader, church planter and pastor, his greatest source of pride and fulfillment come as a husband and father. He is the thirty-one year partner to a spiritually seasoned and musically gifted wife, Lee Ann, a school teacher at Bearden Elementary, and the proud father of two beautiful daughters Hannah, 26, and Kensey, 23.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD October 2, 2012

Testimony by Edward C. Fowler

My parents were Christian and sent me to a Christian boarding school in Chattanooga. The Head Master insisted on our attending a Billy Graham revival my junior year. I responded to the invitation and at age 15 received Christ as my personal Savior.  As a result Christ kept me from a multitude of potential trouble through college and the military.  That same year my father died after a six-month illness.  Thus I lost someone who cared for me at a time I needed him most. But through the years God has provided me with mentors who cared for me enough to encourage me and give me guidelines for success as I “learned the ropes” of business.  Also, I had spiritual mentors in church.  When I was about 13 yrs old the youth pastor at Second Presbyterian insisted on my speaking before the whole church with two others on Youth Sunday.  I felt totally incapable of the task but she insisted. I prepared, delivered and this pulled down any stronghold I had against public speaking.

God spared my life when I was eighteen years old when a friend and I hiked up Mount Victoria at Lake Louise, Canada, to a glacier, violating posted warnings that it was against law to do so. I stepped through a snow bridge concealing a crevasse and fell some 80 feet bouncing from side to side landing on a ledge. I felt as if I was going to die and I was ready.  My friend left his canteen there and got workers at the hotel who knew how to use ropes.  When they came I had regained consciousness and sat in the rope loops and they pulled me out.  I spent a week in the hospital in Banff, miraculously regained circulation in my frost bitten fingers and sustained only a broken knuckle. A large picture of my swollen face appeared on the front page of the Calgary Herald. Any time I see a young person do something stupid I keep my mouth shut!

My faith has been built up by witnessing the growth of Trinity Chapel from the meetings in homes, to the uptown chapel of Mann’s Mortuary, to the purchase of an essentially abandoned church building on Deaderick Avenue, to the calling of Steve and Sandi and to the purchase of our new church land and building. Various leaders at Trinity Chapel, from its beginning, have set examples of caring ”elder brothers”. It is now a challenge for me to sew seeds among the young men and be an approachable caring mentor.                               

It was at a church home meeting in 1972 I was prayed for and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Then, I began studying the Word of God. I had the privilege of leading the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in the late seventies, which was in the time of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit where there were large eager crowds at church and FGBMF meetings.

I worked with Joan in the insurance agency business for sixteen years, went to church with her, and observed her inner and outer beauty.  Finally, when she indicated she might be interested in me, I said “set the date” and we got married three months later 4-2-83- me a 45 year old bachelor.  Joan’s three children got married and now we have seven grandchildren.  God gave me a package deal and what a privilege for lonely guy like me who always wanted a family to grow old with a sunshine girl like Joan!

It is miraculous that during 28 years of service in the Army Reserve I was never called to combat- particularly since my unit has served in Desert Storm and Bosnia since my retirement.

God made a way for me to sell the insurance agency business I had built up over a period of some thirty-five years to a younger group who paid me for it and continue to provide service for my customers.

Now the challenge is to redeem the time, do Kingdom work, knowing and trusting my Lord more and more, being confident that He who has begun a good work in me will continue it until the day of Jesus Christ. (Phil.1: 6)

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD September 25, 2012

Testimony by Linda S. Rieg

Linda was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and spent her early life as a preacher’s kid (PK) in Bethel, a small town in southwestern Ohio.  She accepted Christ at an early age and was active in the church youth group and the music ministry.  After high school she went to nursing school and in 1965 became a Registered Nurse.  She worked in many different areas of nursing through the years, completing a Master’s in Nursing, Master’s in Business Administration, and PhD in Nursing.  She currently teaches online and is a professor in the graduate nursing program at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Linda and her husband Dan live in Sharps Chapel, Tennessee and attend Corryton Church.  They have 5 children and 9 grandchildren.  Linda will share her journey of faith as she describes times of everyday miracles, days of dark struggles, and the grace of God that specializes in restoration for an abundant life.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD September 18, 2012

Testimony by Mary R. Bolton

Mary R. Bolton, founder and director of Touching Hearts Ministries, is an author, speaker and teacher.  She is a living witness of the power of God working in the lives of people today.  As a wife and mother of two small children in the early 1970’s, she made a personal and deep commitment to Jesus and received a powerful release from fear that had dominated her life for years.  From that time on, she has continued to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from Him.  She has allowed the Holy Spirit to continue to transform her life as she seeks Him daily.  Mary has been using the gift of teaching, that God has blessed her with, to teach His Word in a clear and easy to understand manner for over thirty years in many different settings.  She teaches an adult Bible class at Fountain City United Methodist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  She speaks and teaches at churches of various denominations, retreats, seminars, workshops, and conferences.  She is Chair of Regional Renewal Fellowships for Aldersgate Renewal Ministries within the United Methodist Church.  Mary has been in leadership with Aglow, International for over thirty years and presently serves as the State Prayer Coordinator for Tennessee.  She is on the Board of Directors of Lost Sheep Ministry, which is a ministry to the homeless in Knoxville and an outreach to young people.  She and her husband, John, have been married fifty years and have two children and five grandchildren.  Her book, Behold Your God, is a life-changing daily devotional.  It is an expression of her experience of entering into a deep and intimate face-to-face relationship with the Lord.  It teaches daily the practical aspects of entering into the very presence of Almighty God.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD September 11, 2012

Testimony by Lee Curi

I was born in the mountains of Peru in August 1951.  I left home at the age of 12 to seek an education in other small towns.  My parents were uneducated.

I ended up in Lima, living with uncles.  I found a job cleaning floors in a small travel agency.  I often heard customers talking about traveling to other places.

One day a lady who worked in the agency asked me why I didn’t go to the United States and look for work.  She saw something in me and encouraged me to go.  I didn’t think I could because I was so poor.  I did keep thinking about it and told my boss that I really wanted to go to the U.S.  She said, “Maybe I can help.”

I wanted an education so that I could help my family – they were so poor.  This lady did help me.  She was so touched that I wanted to help my family that she gave me a ticket!

I stayed with my uncle’s friend for two days in New York.  I was in a hotel for two weeks while I started looking for a job.  Nobody wanted to hire me.  I didn’t know what to do.

I was skinny and short and did not look good.  I stayed in different towns and cities in New York and other states.

My mother and father wondered how long my struggle would continue.  I found a part-time job making pizzas.  I hated it, but I had to do something to survive.  A man who owned the pizza place helped me.  He gave me a job.

I met a man who wanted to open a pizza place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  After starting at the pizza store, a nice young woman came to work in the store.  I wanted to take her out and she thought I was crazy.

A few days later, she came back and looked into my eyes.  She asked if I would go to the same places she would go to, and I said, “Yes!”  She said she would pick me up later.

Later she picked me up and took me to a friend’s house.  The other people there were having fun without drinking.  A lot of friends were there – teenagers my age.

I was kindly greeted at the door and welcomed in.  Something touched me – only my mother had treated me this way.

We went downstairs and there were Bibles all around.  It was the first time I had seen Bibles in this country.

A few days later, I was invited to a concert.  They started singing about Jesus.

The next week, she took me to her church.  Seven people went forward, and I was number seven.

Since then my life has changed little by little.  I want to thank all of the people who loved Jesus – they helped me change.

When I accepted the Lord, many things unfolded in my life.  I got in touch with my family.  I learned that my great-grandmother and grandfather were led to the Lord by a missionary from New York.  In one day, this missionary baptized 80 people, including my grandmother and grandfather.

I now live in Knoxville, Tennessee and I married my wife five years ago.  We have three children.

The two people who have helped me at Trinity Chapel Church are Steve and Sandy Fatow.  They have been a great influence in my life.

I operate Elidio’s Pizza in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD September 4, 2012

Testimony by Norma Henry

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share what Jesus Christ has done in my life.  I grew up on a small cotton farm in Northern Mississippi (Calhoun County).  I accepted Jesus Christ at a summer revival when I was 13 years old at a small country church.  My grandfather Jones had given the land for the church.  My grandmother Jones witnessed to me by asking if I had given my heart to the Lord.  I was baptized in a spring fed creek that was very cold water.

I grew up in a Christian home with seven brothers and sisters.  We went to Sunday school almost every Sunday. It was about a three-mile walk.  We had preaching once a month at first.  Later, we had a full time pastor with preaching each Sunday.

I graduated from Big Creek, Mississippi High School.  I always had in mind to go to college or nursing school.  The Lord was good to me and I did get into Baptist Memorial School of Nursing in Memphis, Tennessee.  I graduated in 1952 and got a job as head nurse on the charity ward at the hospital.  I was working there when I met Zach at Union Avenue Baptist Church in Memphis.  Later I was offered a job with the Chief of surgery at the University of Tennessee Hospital, as well as, the Baptist Hospital.  He was a Christian doctor and talked to me a lot about surgery and life.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD August 28, 2012

Testimony by Ann Meriwether

My name is Ann Meriwether, a minister of God.  I am the second oldest of nine children, so I spent a lot of my childhood helping my mother raise my younger siblings. I am a wonderful mixture of God's creation, as my Mother's father was white, and my Father's mother was Black and Cherokee.

My father was a retired minister and also a retired military man. I was raised in a strict military home and grew up to marry a young military man at the age of 17. I became the mother of 7 daughters and 1 son, I adopted 2 daughters , and I raised my son’s daughter until she graduated from high school. I am now a resource parent for Smoky Mountain Children's Home.

God has done so much for me. He not only saved me but also filled me with the Holy Spirit over forty years ago. While returning from a tour in Germany my husband stranded me and our eight young children at the McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey; leaving us alone, broke and stranded there to find our way back to Kentucky as best we could.  I knew I had to learn to lean totally on God to provide for myself and my children. Miraculously, with God's help, hard work and the many friends God sent my way I was able to obtain a beautiful new home. Over the years, ALL my needs have been met by a true and faithful God. God is my “waymaker”.

I have been a Minister, choir leader, youth minister and anything else that I felt God led me to be.  I was willing and He was able.  My favorite verse is Psalm 118:24. “This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD August 21, 2012

Testimony by Doug Floyd

For over 20 years, Doug Floyd and his wife Kelly have been learning together how to weave their lives into a path that combines ministry and business. They both have helped ministries and businesses alike consider creative approaches to the challenges before them.

Born in Jamestown, NY, Doug grew up in devoutly Christian family. He came to Christ in 1968 at the First Baptist Church of Hackensack, NJ. Doug divided his childhood years between New Jersey and Tennessee as the family eventually returned to Knoxville. After a dramatic encounter with the Lord in college, Doug felt called to ministry in 1985 and has spent many of these past years working bi-vocationally.

Trained with a Master of Arts in Rhetoric, Doug focuses on ways that language can help build and foster healthy relationships within church, within businesses and within the local community.

His creative thinking skills have been tapped by a variety of companies. When HGTV wanted to introduce a new television program, they asked Doug to help develop a game that offered entertainment while introducing the program. He has helped companies develop sales training materials, brand value statements, award-winning radio spots, and usability testing for websites.

Since the late 1980s, Doug has had the opportunity to serve alongside a variety of Christian traditions. His passion is to encourage and strengthen relationships within the church by listening to the wisdom of God’s Word.

He leads Spring of Lights Ministries (, a teaching ministry, a retreat ministry, and a “circle of friends on pilgrimage for the love of God.”

Doug and Kelly live “happily ever after” in Louisville, TN.
  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD August 14, 2012

Testimony by Sherry Whittemore

Sherry was born October 2, 1975 in Athens, TN and grew up there with parents, Dwight and Donna Hixson, and two older sisters. She graduated from McMinn County High School in 1993 and TN Tech University in 1997 with a degree in political science. While attending college in Cookeville, she met her husband, Tim. They have been married for 14 years and have 2 boys - 8 year old Ben and 4 year old Brody. Sherry spent 11 years in the insurance business before becoming a stay at home mom in 2008. She attends Corryton Church where she serves in the Music Ministry and sings on the Praise Team. She is excited to share about God's love and redemption in her life. Her favorite scripture verse is from 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind."

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD August 7, 2012 Testimony by Kathy Fletcher (Second Visit)

Kathy Fletcher a retired manager from AT&T, mother and grandmother is returning to the Knoxville Fellowship Luncheon to share more of her battle with pancreatic cancer and the amazing peace she has been given from God. She will be sharing her story through song and poetry.

Today's testimony was not recorded. July 31, 2012

Testimony by Sarah Baker

I grew up in Middlesboro, Kentucky. I've lived in Knoxville for 10 years. I have had a relationship with Jesus Christ since I was a little girl. I survived poverty and the death of my father when I was 16. My biggest mistake in life has been looking to men to fill the void left by my father instead of to Jesus. I have learned the hard way that the love of Christ is the only love that never changes, that his well is the only one that will never run dry. I am now a divorced mother to my own 16 year old daughter. The Lord recently "brought us out of a miry pit and set our feet on a solid rock, and established our goings." I have been a public school teacher for 14 years and I've been writing for The Focus for a year. I've been an interim youth minister, a children's minister, and very involved with drama ministries. I've been Baptist, Methodist, and Pentecostal. I've been through many changes and I still fail every day, but I am happy to share my love story with Christ and how he has rescued me from my own sinfulness and the sins that failed to entrap me.

Romans 8:38-39

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,  neither the present nor the future,  nor any powers,  neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD July 24, 2012 Testimony by George Dee - "41 Years of preaching and starting churches in Zimbabwe, Africa"

I first went out with TEAM MISSION in 1953 with my wife Patricia who is both degreed and a Registered Nurse.  Patricia graduated from Wayne State Nursing School in Detroit.

Together, we spent 41 years in Zimbabwe, 21 years of which were spent in the Zambezi Valley.  I spent 3 months in language school with Helen Dunkeld at the Msengedzi Mission, then moved on to the Huryani Station.

Patty worked in each clinic then started a school in the church building for teenagers.  The students always wanted to learn to read and write.  Patty and I are fluent in the Shona languages. 

Our next move was to Mavuraoanha for several years, then on to the town of Bindura where we started 41 farm churches.  Most of the churches we started are still operating under 9 African pastors.  The Bindura Church was purchased by the Dutch Reformed Church as the Dutch began to immigrate to South Africa.   Each Sunday is packed out with 200 attending each of the two services.  Now, these new Christians are starting their own new churches in the area.  "Praise the Lord!"  Our original plan was to start only 5 churches with African pastors, then plant farm churches next door.

I plan to speak on how to start a churches in a heathen society (spirit worshippers) where people have never heard of the name of Jesus.

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Testimony by Otis Stubblefield

Otis Stubblefield is a lifelong resident of Morristown, Tennessee.  Married to Buddie for nearly 51 years. They have two children and two grandchildren. He has managed and owned a retail musical instrument store for twenty three years and has been in the real estate business since 1979. Presently is a broker with The Realty House dealing with residential and commercial sales. He and his wife are active members of
First Baptist Church in Morristown where he is an ordained

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Testimony by Walter Grubb

Walter Grubb became a Christian in March 1962 during a revival meeting at Unity Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. His father, a Baptist minister, was pastor of the church at that time. 

After living in California from 1965 until 1987, Walter “returned home” to serve as Principal of Harrison-Chilhowee Baptist Academy in Seymour, TN. He was appointed President and Headmaster in 1994. The academy, founded in 1880, has been doing business as The King’s Academy since 1993. Boarding students attend in grades 7-12, and day students are enrolled from pre-school through high school. The academy serves approximately 450 students who come from the greater Knoxville area as well as other states and an average of 16 countries each year.

Walter previously served as

·                           Director of Advocate Schools, a school for severely emotionally disturbed children and adolescents

·                           Dean of Students, and previously Director of Admissions, at California Baptist College

·                           Principal of Riverside Christian High School and Monroe Christian Elementary School

All these educational institutions are located in Riverside, California.

He completed his undergraduate degree at California Baptist College (Riverside, CA) where he played basketball and served as student body president, newspaper editor and student graduation speaker.

He earned the Master of Science in Counseling at  California State University, Fullerton. He also studied social science education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and educational administration at Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA.

          Walter was named the 2011 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year by California Baptist University, is a Fellow of the Van Lunen Center for Executive Management in Christian Schools, is a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International, is a member of the Leadership Sevier Class of 2002, and is a member of the Seymour Gideon Camp.

Walter’s wife, Diane is Finance Director, Sevier County Utility District. Their older son, Nathan is a First Assistant Director of the Directors Guild of America in Brooklyn, NY. Their younger son, Michael, is a graduate student in Creative Writing at the University of the South, Michael and his wife, Amanda, live in Knoxville, where she works with Helen Ross McNabb Center.

Walter and Diane are active members of Madison Avenue Baptist Church in Maryville, where he is an usher and has taught Sunday School classes.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD July 3, 2012 Testimony by Walter (Joe) Marshall

Joe Marshall grew up in Fountain City, a suburb of Knoxville, Tennessee. His parents operated Hickory Star Resort in Union County at Norris Lake so he enjoyed summers at the resort.

He attended Ft. City Grammar School and Central High School. Joe worked for the State of Tennessee for ten years. In 1970, he married his wife, Ginger LaRue Marshall, and they had one daughter who has presented them with four grand-children.

Joe owns and operated Norwood Auto Sales but is now semi-retired from the auto business.

Joe was born again in 1975 and uses his teaching gift to encourage others in their walk with Christ. Joe and Ginger have a cabin ministry in Townsend, Tennessee which they founded in 1998. Joe volunteers with Fish Pantries, The Lost Sheep Ministry and True Purpose. He also teaches drug resistance workshops in eleven counties.

Joe was honored in 2004 by the West Knox Sertoma Club as their Man of the Year. Joe is a 21 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force; achieving the rank of Tech Sergeant. His duties included combat communications and drug-interdiction activities. In 1992, Joe was named NCO of the Year by the 228th Combat Communication Group. From 1992 through 1998, Joe acted as the FBI's official spokesperson for for their Race Against Drugs Program.

Joe's hobbies include antique cars and boat racing. His interests in these hobbies and his anti-drug activities led him to found the "Top Wrench" competition which is a partnership in vocational education and anti-drug abuse education held in eleven East Tennessee counties.

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Testimony by Jeremy Cummings

Jeremy Cummings was born in Memphis, Tennessee but raised in Knoxville.  He attended high school in Halls, Tennessee and later graduated from Gibbs High School in Corryton in 2002. 

Jeremy attended the University of Tennessee for several years and later decided to leave college for a period of time to seek full-time employment.  Jeremy married his wife Pam in 2008.  Their daughter Callie was born in 2010 and is two years old.  A new baby is expected in November of this year. 

Jeremy later decided to return to college to complete his degree and plans to graduate in December of 2013.

Through spending several years in a student ministry at Corryton, Jeremy became interested in audio engineering.  His desire is to further his education in this technical field.

Jeremy accepted Christ as Lord at the age of seven while attending a Vacation Bible School.  Jeremy’s involvement in youth activities at Corryton has proved to be a great blessing to him.  Jeremy says that the leadership at Corryton has had a great impact on his life.  He points out that C. H. Qualls, Ritchie Beeler, and Dr. Rocky Ramsey have had a great impact on his life.

Jeremy met his wife Pam while attending “Vision.”  This youth ministry is conducted by Ritchie Beeler for youth between 18 and 25 years of age.  Vision meetings are conducted on Thursday nights.
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Neil Silverberg  is the Senior Pastor of Trinity Chapel which is located at 5830 Haynes-Sterchi Road, Knoxville, TN 37912.  Neil was born in 1953 and was raised in a Jewish home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and as a teenager moved to Miami, Florida. He first heard the Gospel from the lips of his brother Perry who was saved and delivered from drug use by the power of God. Neil heard the Gospel and in 1971, surrendered his life to the call of God. Immediately, he sensed a call to the work of God and began to prepare for it.

Since that time, Neil pastored several churches and has traveled widely both in the U.S. and abroad. Neil is a gifted teacher with a deep knowledge of Scripture whose teaching gift has helped many. Besides being the Senior Pastor and lead elder at Trinity Chapel, Neil currently serves as the team leader for MasterBuilders, a network of New Testament churches in the US, Puerto Rico and The Dominican Republic. Neil also operates Master Press, a publishing company that publishes both his own and other works. He is also a gifted musician and has two CD's currently on the market. Neil and his wife Shelly have three sons, Micah, Joel and David.

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Testimony by Dwight A. Collins


·         To grow and develop my education as to be a leader in the teaching field.

·         Major/Program:  Master of Arts in Teaching

·         Date of Admission to Carson-Newman College:  September, 2011


·         TUSCULUM COLLEGE, Knoxville, TN

·         Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management (December 2004)

·         GPA:  2.78/2.96

·         UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE, Knoxville, TN


Professional Experience:


o    Owner/Operator (May 2001 – Present)


o    Coach through the Upward Student Ministry (2007 – Present)


o    Volunteer as a Student Leader (2001 – Present)


o    Preferred developer for the East TN area stores completed

o    2006 – Rutledge, TN

o    2007 – Cosby, TN

·         FRED’S

o    Preferred developer for the East TN area stores completed

o    2007 – Maynardville, TN


o    Farmed acreage up to 500 acres (1988 – Present)

o    Presently farm 125 acres

o    Sold tobacco allotment in 2005

·         CONTRACTOR

o    Built and remodeled self-owned investment homes (1997 – 2005)


o    Co-Owner/Operator (1984 to 1997)

o    Sales went from $250,000 to $2M annually

Special Skills, Interests:

·         Motor Cycle Riding

·         Tubing at the Lake

Why do you want to teach?

·         I have always worked as a volunteer with teachers or kids at church or schools.  I enjoyed talking to and helping the Joppa 6th grade teacher during the basketball program, Mrs. Coffey, Miss Amanda Strange and Mr. Cabbage are the 6th grade teachers and I enjoyed helping as a volunteer for the year of 2010 – 2011.  I have always wanted to teach Math or Business or Drivers Ed.

·         I have a lot of practice and really seem to connect with kids.  I have 2 children of my own, Emily is 16 and Cameron is 13.  Both are very involved in their schools with sports, clubs and volunteer work.

What strengths do you bring to the teaching profession?

·         First, I am a people person.  I love helping people or students achieve their goals.  Second, I am a good motivator. Third, I have a lot of education but also a lot of life experience.

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Testimony by Manuel Hudson

Manuel Hudson also known as Christian rap artist Ace Infiniti was born and raised in Alcoa, Tn. Manuel lived with his mother, grandmother, and younger brother after his father and mother divorced when he was around 6yrs old. After the divorce Manuel never really saw his father at all, he was saved at the age of 11 years old.  After a life of disappointment and peer pressure Manuel turned to the street life, rapping and glamorizing the life style of drug trafficking and wordly values.  Soon Manuel got convicted of selling drugs and did some jail time. This started the restoration of his relationship with the Lord. But Manuel’s mother married a man that she met at church, whom she contracted Aids from. The very woman that introduced Manuel to the Lord was now suffering from a deadly disease. Soon after his mother passed away after having 2 daughters (who did not contract the disease), he was so angry with God that I told him….”you better explain this to me!” Having a fear of the Lord Manuel did not want to feel like this. “God answered me, and it totally changed my life and healed my relationship with him”. Ace now resides in Knoxville and has been married for 8 years and has four children.  Ace Infiniti’s ministry is geared toward broken homes, fatherless children, and men and women that have destructive life styles. Ace Infiniti has a new album releasing in a couple of months, and a website that will be launched in June ( “I just want to share my Christian walk with the world thru my music!”

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD May 28, 2012 Testimony by Amy Belew

Amy was born in Birmingham, Al to Ricky and Marie Harbison on December 26, 1974.  She grew up there as the oldest of 4 children.   After graduating from Shades Valley RLC High school, she attended Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham for 3 years where she completed her prerequisite course work for pharmacy school.  She began pharmacy school at the McWhorter School of Pharmacy, Samford University in Birmingham in 1996 and graduated with her Pharm D. in 2000.  While in pharmacy school, she met her future husband David Belew.  They were married April 8, 2000 at Hilldale Baptist Church where Amy was a member.  After graduation from pharmacy school, Amy and David moved to Knoxville, TN where David had grown up and taken over the family pharmacy from his father.  Amy started working at Belew Drug as a pharmacist in 2000 and is currently pharmacist in charge at the Broadway location.  She and her husband David now own and operate 3 drugstores in the Knoxville area  and have 3 sons; Michael, age 7, Christopher, age 4, and Andrew, age 1.  They live in the North Hills neighborhood and attend Corryton Church.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD May 22, 2012 Testimony by Gerald Mason

(This biography is based on an interview conducted by John Brown)

Where were you born?  Toledo, OH, however my family had strong ties to Union County, TN 

Occupation: Retired Norfolk Southern Rail Road “Conductor”

Were you brought up in Church?  No (Things were pretty Rough)

How old were you when you decided to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  16

What were you like before you were saved? My life was a total wreck. 

What happened when you were saved?  My friend T.G Brantley invited me to attend church with him (Hickory Valley) and I went forward when the alter call was given because other kids were going forward.  I had no idea what I was doing!  However, while we were kneeling at the alter, I prayed that God would save me because I didn’t want to go to hell. While I was praying the Holly Spirit of God came upon me and brought me under conviction. At that instant I was saved, I could feel it!

How did your life change? I began attending church regularly with T.G Brantley, and grew as a Christian. 

Did you ever backslide? Yes I did. 

Are you married?  Yes and I have been in church ever since.  My wife Debbie has been a follower of Jesus Christ since her youth.  One night at her church in Maynardville she prayed that God would prepare for her a husband; at that time she was 9 years old; that was around the time I was brought under conviction by the Holy Spirit.

Do you have any children?  Yes, 3- Jacob, Julie and Joseph.

Grandchildren? Twins Caleb and Christian

Do you have a ministry? Yes, I teach the men’s group at Corryton Church, and visit area hospitals speaking to patients.  

Who was the greatest influence in your life?  My wife Debbie and T.G. Brantley.

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Testimony by Sonya Mackie


My name is Sonya Mackie and I want to share what the Good Lord has done for me. I was born in Crossville, Tenn. My  childhood was hard but my mom and dad did the best they could for me and my brother and sister. I had 2 great children by the time I was 21 and my husband was very mentally and physical abusive. When we split up, I turned to drugs at the age of 27, for the first time in my life. I was a junkie within 6 months, but I kept telling myself that I had it under control, but I was just lying to myself and I kept running from the Good Lord. I lost my children, my family, homes, cars , jobs, everything and I was blind to it all. I never knew how bad off I was until The good Lord took it from me in August 2010. He has given me everything back and so much more than I deserve and I pray that I am able to reach that one person who needs to hear my story.  Most of all, I want everyone to know that I could not do anything without my Lord.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD May 8, 2012 Testimony by Jeffrey  Lee Johnson

Jeff was born February 8, 1965 at Morristown Hamblen Hospital.  Jeff was the middle child of Fred and Novella Johnson.  He has an older brother, David, and a younger sister, Lisa. 

Jeff attended First Baptist of Morristown as a little boy; he was a bus kid in Vacation Bible School.  As a child, Jeff lived on and off in Tennessee for thirteen years, then the family moved to Illinois.  While living in Illinois, Jeff quit High School, and drifted into the drug culture, soon he was addicted to drugs. 

Jeff came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior on February 23, 1988, fifteen days after his twenty-third birthday.

Shortly thereafter he enrolled at Hyles Anderson College.  In 1989, Jeff’s home church Marquette Manor located in Downers Grove, Illinois paid for his tuition. 

After a while Jeff dropped out of college, and traveled to Tennessee, Virginia and California.  Meanwhile Jeff became a “Gap-Er” where he was in and out of church, and served God on his terms.  Not on God’s terms!  Decisions have consequences, and he found himself back in the drug culture; where he remained for two years. 

Today, Jeff is blessed with a music ministry and works as a bus helper, and is a powerful witness for Jesus Christ.  He lives happily with his elderly mother and helps her take care of her “down syndrome” brother; known as Uncle Joe.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD May 1, 2012 Testimony by Kathy Fletcher

Kathy Fletcher, a retired Manager from AT&T with 38 years of service. She has a wonderful family of 2 successful sons, a lovely daughter in law and 2 grandsons. Kathy is an artist and a hospice volunteer.

She has recently been diagnosed with terminal stage IV pancreatic cancer and is anxious to share with you her testimony and the wonderful grace and peace that God has given her through this experience.

"If I go or if I stay, I am a winner either way".

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Testimony by Larry Mullins, Owner and CEO of Industrial Electronics Services, Inc.

Larry was born and raised into a farming family in Hancock County, Tn.   He was saved at an early.  He attended a small country church, Panther Creek Baptist.

While in high school he went to Morristown during the summers and worked bagging groceries at Cas Walker’s grocery store and also worked on the line making furniture at Berkline to earn money for college.  He graduated Hancock County High School and then attended East Tennessee State University and received a degree in Education.  Then he worked toward a master’s degree in Educational Administration and lacking just a few courses took a job as a high school math teacher.  Later he became Administrator of the Northeast State Community College Technical Training Center in Johnson City.  While there he managed the Training Center and worked with the Economic and Community Development Board soliciting grants to train East Tennessee students for new and existing industry.  Many new industries were recruited into the East Tennessee area during his administration, because of the climate of the well trained work force available.

Later, he started his own company in Gray, Tn, with two employees and grew it into Industrial Electronics Services, Inc., and today he employs approximately 90 workers.

In 2006 he was appointed by the governor as Commissioner of Aeronautics and served as Chairman of that commission in 2008, and continues to serve on the Aeronautics Commission presently. 

He has farmed off and on throughout his life and at one time owned and operated over 500 acres of farmland, raising Black Angus cattle.

He and his wife, Kathy, live in Morristown.  They have one daughter, Laura Tomlinson.  Laura and her husband, Rodney, work with him at IES, Inc.

He loves to help young people become good citizens.  He supports many organizations that foster the development of youth and respect for God and country.

Larry and his family attend First Baptist Church in Morristown.

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Testimony by Virginia Dysinger


My story begins when my husband, Willard and I were married in Redford, MI. We met in the summer following my high school graduation.  He went to church with his parents and siblings when he was young.  I did not go very often when I was young.  When I was in the 7th or 8th grade I went to church with my girlfriend to a Dutch Reform church.  Then in high school I went to a Baptist church with another girlfriend.  I do not remember ever making a commitment to Christ.

Right after we married, Willard was shipped off to Germany, courtesy the U.S. Army.  I joined him there 5 months later.  I was there for 18 months and and expecting our first child when I came home.  He was home when our little girl was born and then had to go back for a few weeks before being discharged.

Willard returned to the Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn, MI.  We had 4 children in 6 years.  Our children are, Kimberly, Jill, Linda and Kenny. (We now have 7 wonderful grandchildren).  Willard worked 12 hours a day most days and sometimes 6 and 7 days a week.  He also played on a baseball team with others from his work.  They then went out to the bar afterwards.  Which made it even later when he got home.  In the winter he was on a bowling team with those he worked with.  I was pretty unhappy with my marriage at this time. I thought marriage was about raising our children together.  Eventually in my unhappiness I began to seek God.  I prayed but did not read God's Word. I did read some Christian books.

When our youngest was about 20 months old we moved to the country.  It meant my husband was on the road another 2 hours a day to and from work, but we loved living in the country.  We lived in an old farmhouse with 40 acres. We needed a new heating system but were unable to find someone to convert it for us, and we decided to wait until summer to try again.  Our house burned to the ground 3 days before Christmas.  It was about midnight and we were not asleep when we heard a muffled explosion.

We were just able to get out with our lives and we were very thankful that we were able to get the children out safely.  While we were laying in someone else’s bed that night the Lord gave me some scripture verses.   Matt. 6:  19-21.   19.  Lay not up for yourselves treasures on earth.  Where moth
and rust does corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal.  20. But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust does corrupt, and where thieves do not break through and steal.  21. For where your treasure is there will your heart be also.  That was not a scripture that I had memorized but it was very clear to me that God had spoken it to me that night.

I began, once again to seek God.  I read several books and finally read one called "The Cross and the Switchblade."  by David Wilkerson.  He worked with street gangs in New York City.  An amazing story in itself.  These young people were kneeling in the street and asking Jesus into their hearts and

And they were having their lives drastically changed.  Well, it was like a light bulb went on in my head and I thought, "if he can do that for them, he can do that for me"  And I knelt down and prayed and ask Jesus to come into my heart and forgive me of my sins and he did.  When I got up I felt so free of the burden of sin.  I began praying for my husband to find the same kind of relationship with the Lord and a few months later he did.  Praise God.

God began changing our lives: we stopped smoking, drinking and swearing, and began praying together.  Our oldest daughter began doing so much better in school that her teacher called us in and told us about the change and gave her an award, and she wanted to know what had happened and I told her. Another daughter stopped wetting the bed.  I am telling these things to show the power of the gospel to save.  Soon afterward the Lord led us into a prison ministry.  The following Christmas we had a program at the prison for
the young men (a minimum security prison for young men 18 - 24 years old) and we asked my husband's nephew and some of his friends to go with us and we had singing and a short sermon by my husband's nephew, Richard.  There were
18 young men who came forward to receive Christ as their Savior.  We were so happy and rejoicing on our way home - -  to the home that my husband's Army buddies had built for us on our property, after our fire.  When I was putting the children to bed that night I looked out the upstairs window and
saw sparks coming out of the chimney from the fireplace in the family room. And it was then that I realized that it was the first anniversary of the fire.

God showed us how He could bring such good out of something so bad. One of my favorite verses is John 10:10 where Jesus says, "The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I come to give life and that more abundantly."  What a contrast.  And what a wonderful God we have.

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Testimony by Craig H. Price, CPRP, Director Parks and Recreation

I became a Christian at age 9 and have been a member of two wonderful churches during my life. God has been so good to me and blessed me with great Christian mentors. Along my journey I have been a faithful fan, a good fan but it took me some time to become a fruitful follower of my Jesus. I never was a bad person, I tried to live a good life (wore many church hats), but I loved God on my terms not his. If you want to see God smile tell him your plans! He got my full attention when humbled by some health issues back in 2006. One day I found this quote from C. S. Lewis and it said; a man’s spiritual health is exactly proportional to his love for God.  Wow! It hit me smack in the face. From that time on I have become a work in progress of becoming like the apostle Paul. I simply desire to be fruitful like Paul as he knew nothing but Christ and Christ crucified! I love to tell people how Jesus loves me! 


Employment History:

  • Morristown Parks and Recreation Director - 19 years (1993-present)

  • Director Rogersville Parks and Recreation - 16 years (1977-1993)



Wife: Sherry Harrell Price (Strate Insurance Inc. - Benefits Specialist)



  • Austin - UTK graduate – Communications Degree Employment: Packman Productions,, WVLT-Chanel 8, Wife Kathryn

  • Lacey – UTK graduate – Therapeutic Recreation Major, Employed Hamblen County School System – Teacher @ West View Middle School   

  • Granddaughter – Sydney Cameron Price


  • Rogersville High School - 1973

  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville - 1977

  • Bachelor of Science Education - Parks and Recreation Administration

  • Member of Carson Newman College Adjunct Faculty (since 2002)


  • Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association

  • National Parks and Recreation Association

  • TSSAA Region One Football Association

  • TSSAA Region One Football Board of Directors

  • English Mountain Football Association

  • 2011 TSSAA  A.F. Bridges Winner

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Member First Baptist Church Morristown

  • Sunday School Adult Division Director, Deacon, Teacher, Usher, Security Team, Vacation Bible School Worker, and most of all Apologetics 


  • Gods’ Word                           

  • Officiating Football                  

  • Collecting: knives, Cross pens/pencils

  • Following the Tennessee Vols, and the Good Ole Boys of NASCAR

Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association History:

  • Member since 1976 (36 years)

  • Served on TRPA Executive Board

  • Served on School /Park Agreement Committee

  • Northeast TRPA District Chairman

  • Conference Host Committee member

  • Conference Speaker (ten conferences)

  • Conference session leader and presenter

  • Served as Municipal County Interest Section Secretary/Treasure

  • TRPA Award Committee Chairman

  • Served as Master of Ceremonies of Awards

  • Served on Elections Committee

  • Served as Chairman of Exhibitors Committee

  • Founded the Northeast District Maintenance Games

  • Served on Tennessee Municipal League Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

  • Served as President of TRPA in 2005

  • Started TRPA President Cup Award Program

  • Started TRPA History Committee

  • TRPEF Board Member

  • 2011 TRPA  Fellow Award Recipient (State Association’s Highest Award)

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD April 3, 2012 Testimony by Michael S. Hargis

Michael S. Hargis, was 9 years old when he was molested by a babysitter. At the age of 14 he was introduced to drugs and alcohol, and at the age of 16 ran away from home. From the age of 14, Michael has been through 7 drug treatment centers and has been jailed numerous times. Feeling that Satan had backed him into a corner and feeling no hope, he began to contemplate suicide until one night when he completely gave up and cried out to God. God heard his cry and the next day two different people arrived at his house within an hour of one another telling him that God had sent them. These people had never been to his home before. Realizing that God had literally led these people to his door he instantly knew of God’s love and that He truly cared for him. That night, Michael totally surrendered to the Lord and did nothing for the next year but seek God’s face which totally transformed and restored his life. “God told me I would be preaching His word and this is why He saved my life” says Michael.

Michael founded Young Blood Ministries, which seeks out troubled teens. He travels to youth groups, both in and out of the church, teaching the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol and sharing his testimony. He has written a book entitled “What Every Teenager Should Know” and is currently writing his second book, Greater Understanding” to be released in the near future.

  Play   Stop Rewind FFWD March 27, 2012 Testimony by Scott Anderson
  • Daniel Scott Anderson, 43 years old
  • Born on Kadena Air Base, Camp Kue Okinawa
  • I was raised in Texas, where I used to call home, in a little town of Greenville, Texas.
  • I grew up in Greenville Christian School, graduated 1987
  • Attended East Texas State University for 3 years, Gen. Business studies, involved in a traveling singing and drama group for 2 years through the Baptist Student Union on Campus
  • Moved to Knoxville to work for The Walgreen Co., worked for them as store manager from May '92 to May 2004.
  • I Have my own tile installation and service co. Anderson Tile Services, now and love it!
  • I've been married to my wonderful wife Donna for 17 years, of whom I met at Walgreens, and is still employed in the pharmacy at the store in Fountain City
  • We have 2 wonderful sons, Zachary 15, and Austin 6.
  • Hobbies are: coaching my sons' sports teams (Basketball, baseball, football), singing, and golf
  • We've been at Corryton Church for 13 years, I sing in the choir and on the praise team
  • I prayed to receive Christ at age 9, and have been in church all my life! However, God has made Himself more real to me in the last 8 years than ever before. Amazing how when I drew near to Him, He drew near to me. When I needed Him most, He was there, just as He said!
  • Whether it’s in my business or in everyday life with family and friends, I try to in all I do, to do everything to the best of my ability as if to and for Him.

A few favorite verses are: Prov. 3:5-6, James 1:12, Col.3:17, Phil.4:13

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Testimony by Carroll Carmon

Our family story begins on July 17, 1999 when Julie and I were married. Both Julie and I wanted to make our family complete by having children. Julie becoming pregnant was challenging and our first child went to Heaven early, due to a miscarriage. Soon after the miscarriage, Julie became pregnant again and our twin sons Caleb and Christian were born on December 7, 2003. They were born 3 months premature. Complication soon followed their premature birth. Both suffered brain hemorrhages and both now suffer from hydrocephalus. With the hemorrhages and the hydrocephalus came the onset of Cerebral Palsy. The Cerebral Palsy prohibits our boys form enjoying simple pleasures that both Julie and I enjoy. God never promised that we would have healthy children. God never promised that our family would never suffer any hardships. God did, however, promise to walk ahead of us and with us every step of the way. He did promise to be our hope when all seemed hopeless and He did promise to be our help when all seemed helpless. Our children and our family as a whole have experienced many hardships, but the good certainly outweighs the bad. God has truly fulfilled all of His promises to us.

We are sorry that audio from this week's testimony is unavailable. March 13, 2012 Nathan Henry

Veterinarian Nathan Henry grew up in Corryton, Tennessee and attended the University of Tennessee (’82 B.S. Animal Science, ’85 DVM Veterinary Medicine). He worked in a rural practice in middle Tennessee for 13.5 years before moving to Vietnam in 1999, where he represents the non-government organization Asian Rural Life Development Foundation. Partnering with a university, Henry manages and advises an agricultural and community development project assisting the poorest of the poor - ethnic minority mountain farmers in northern Vietnam. The project focuses on poverty reduction and alleviation by training mountain farmers in simple technologies such as small-scale livestock, forestry, tea production and more. There is also a veterinary component to help strengthen the veterinary services by training uneducated country farmers to be village paravets. “The main thing that inspired my wife and me to do this work was wanting to help poor and marginalized individuals and communities experience a better life through transformational community development, which is restoring proper relationships between God, man, and the environment.” Nathan and his wife Melissa have six children.

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John Griggs was raised in Huntsville, Texas. He found the Lord through the leadership of godly parents. His dad read the Bible each night to his family of six, and his mom led him to memorize many scripture passages. One night, John was led by his mother to pray and make Jesus the Lord and Savior of his life. God called John to preach during his second year of engineering study at the University of Huntsville, while studying physics. He joined the Baptist Church that night although he had been raised a Methodist.

John graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1953. He then attended Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in Berkley, California and earned a Bachelor of Divinity in 1957. He attended Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and earned a Master of Theology degree in 1959.

John served as Pastor of Muncy Creek Baptist Church from 1957 – 1958 and Casky Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, Kentucky from 1958 - 1962. He then served as an IMB Missionary to Zimbabwe, Africa as a church planter from 1962 – 1996. During his tenure in Africa, he saw three churches grow to 365 churches and saw 20,000 souls baptized. John was called to FBC Morristown as Pastor of Prayer in 1997.

John states that his purpose in ministry is “To make prayer a reality in everyone’s life.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17 – “Pray Without Ceasing!”) His philosophy of ministry reminds us that when we look to government, we get what government can do; but when we look to prayer, we get what GOD can do. Everything should be covered with prayer. But prayer is not only lifting requests in praise and petition to God, it is also claiming HIS presence against the working of our enemy, Satan. (See Matthew 4:1-11, James 4:7 and Revelation 12:11) Prayer is work; it leads to work; but it is the most effective work, because it brings God’s presence into whatever activity He leads us to do.

John married Florence Sanders in 1958. They spent almost thirty-five years in Africa, where their five children were raised. Both parents agree that the most significant events of the last 46 years were those five births. Their five children and nine grandchildren are a constant source of pride and joy for this family. Dottie is a family therapist; Ruth is a computer trainer; Mary, and her husband Fred work in finance in South Africa; Becky teaches at Berean Bible School in Knoxville; and Philip is a Licensed Financial Asset Manager in Dallas, Texas.
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Emmeline Cottrell has lived in the Knoxville area for the past 21 years with her husband Alan and four children Dorian (21), Joshua (19), Delena (17), and Nathan (15). She currently teaches music at Berean Christian School and has 15 voice and piano students. She is a member of Corryton church where her husband has served as worship pastor for the past 21 years. She and her husband will celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary this June. Emmeline is a graduate of Carson-Newman College where she received her Bachelor of Music degree in Musical Theater with a vocal emphasis.

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Testimony by Becky Booker

Becky Booker is a member of Corryton Church where she serves as a small group leader for 3rd grade boys.  She is married to Ronnie, and has 4 children from her previous marriage; 2 step-children, a daughter-in-law, 2 grand-sons, and is expecting her third grandchild.  She is a Physical Therapy Assistant at Amedisys Home Health. 

She was born in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to Tennessee in 1993.  Her journey began when God got her attention at 6 years of age, which is amazing to her as she belonged to a family that was non-Christian, with a heavy presence of alcoholism on both sides. 

She became a Christian at age 8, but because of the lack of Spiritual guidance from her family, she struggled with insecurity issues, and wound up pregnant and married by age 17.

Though her life has been filled with many adversities, disappointments, tragedies, and triumphs, she marvels at the fact that God has always been there to get her through each storm. 

The pivotal moment in her life came when she was 21 years old and her dad came to her door with a sincere apology for having wasted the years that he should have been a more responsible dad.  He also announced that he had given his life to the Lord.  He remains to this day, her greatest Spiritual influence.

She wants to express to others the hope that she has found in Jesus Christ, and how he has always been present in her life, and that his timing is perfect.  She wants to relay the message to others, that everyday is a brand new day to start over, and to do things right when the Lord is in control of our lives.

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Testimony by Daniel J. Rieg

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and lived in that area for over 60 years.  I am the older of two children – my younger sister Marlene still lives in Cincinnati.

As a young child I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and attended Saint Monica grade school and then Roger Bacon High School. 

I continued my education at Northern Kentucky University and University of Cincinnati, earning degrees in mechanical engineering, law and pharmacy.  I worked as a pharmacist since 1972, mainly for the Kroger Company. 

I have been married to my wonderful wife Linda for over 32 years.  We have 5 children: Karen & Dan live in Cincinnati; Jennifer and Jodi live in Charlotte NC; Julie in Franklin, Tennessee.  They have given us 4 grandchildren and 5 step-grandchildren. 

We moved to the Knoxville area in 2007 and have had a home in Sharps Chapel since 2008.  We were very active in our church in Ohio – and concerned that we would not find a comparable church down here.  Fortunately the first Sunday we found Corryton – and made it our church home.  We love the staff and people at Corryton.

I will share my spiritual journey accepting Christ as my personal savior and then being baptized at Corryton.  I will also discuss my passion for fulfilling the cultural mandate – to be salt and light in our world.  We have been involved with the Family Research Council; first in Ohio with Citizens for Community Values (CCV) and getting started now with the Tennessee branch – Family Action Council of Tennessee (FACT).

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Testimony by Tim Tomlinson

Tim Tomlinson placed his faith in Jesus Christ as a boy, and was called into the gospel ministry in his later teen years. He was trained at Crown College and Crown Seminary, and has served the Lord under Dr. Clarence Sexton since 1999. He has been involved in teaching and preaching the Word of God to young people, to university students, to Bible college students, and to lay people through various ministries. He serves as Vice President of Academics at Crown College, and also directs the Knoxville School of the Bible. He and his wife, Angie, were married in 1998 and have three children – Lydia, Lance, and Levi.

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Testimony by Angie Merritt

Angie Merritt was born Angela Denise Bailey in 1962 in Dalton Georgia, and lived there her entire childhood. Angie graduated Southeast Whitfield High School in 1980 and began working for the Georgia Mental Health system. She married Randy Merritt in 1981 and lives in Luttrell, TN and has three wonderful children – Amy 25, Jordan 21, and Callie 14.

Angie has worked her entire career in office management for the freight, construction, and banking industries. She is now the operations manager for Holston Methodist Federal Credit Union, which serves the Holston Conference Methodist churches, universities and businesses.

Angie loves spending time with her family on their farm, cooking, and music. She is an accomplished vocalist with several recordings to her credit, and sings in the church choir and on the praise team.

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Testimony by Barbara Herrell

Barbara Reed Herrell was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1970. Her family moved to the Tampa, Florida area in 1973, where her father eventually retired from the military. She graduated from East Bay High School in 1988 and moved to Knoxville that year to attend college. She married her beloved husband, Kenny, in 1990, and they have two amazing children, Holden (17) and Mackenzie (14).

Barbara graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a B.S. in Logistics & Transportation. She is currently an analyst for Pilot Travel Centers and has spent the majority of her sixteen years with the company working in both the Supply & Distribution and Fuel Accounting departments. Prior to Pilot, Barbara worked for UPS and Highway Transport.

Her family has been blessed to attend Corryton Church for the past ten years and Barb sings in the choir and also serves as the drama director for the Worship team. She enjoys music, acting, reading, and spending time with her family. She also loves cats and currently shares her home with four personable felines.

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Testimony by Barbara Faubert


Born and raised in Corryton. Graduated from Gibbs High School and East TN Baptist Hospital School of Nursing. Married to Bill Faubert for 54 years. We have one daughter and two grown grandchildren. I am retired from East TN Baptist Hospital Surgery Dept. for 13 years. Attend Corryton Church.

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Testimony by Carolyn Renfro

My name is Carolyn Renfro. I was born in 1944, third child to my parents. My father was an only child to older parents so we all shared the same home until the death of my grandparents. To me that was a wonderful life, four children and four adults. There was always a lap to sit in and learn from two generations of knowledge. Lots of love was given to me, so I have always had lots of love to give to others.

I started to school in first grade when I was five years old. My brother and sister and I walked about two miles to school every day and two miles back home in the afternoon. When I was six, my parents surprised me with a little brother. That completed our family. I graduated from high school in 1962 and got married in June. The next June I was blessed with a baby boy and four years later another boy. That made up my family of four.

I grew up on a farm and my boys were raised on a farm, so we all knew what work was and how to co-operate to get the work ail done. We made work as much fun as possible. We all loved life and lived it to the fullest. Church was always important to us and we tried to live our lives in fellowship with Christ.

After being out of school seventeen years, I entered college to become a teacher. I graduated in three years with highest honors. Those three years were times of fully depending on God to get me through my classes, get two boys to school and back, keeping tabs on their homework and school in general. I graduated from college the same year my oldest son graduated from high school. That was a pretty special year, because we also built a new house during this time.

I taught elementary school for sixteen years until my husband got sick. At age fifty-four he died from a brain tumor and was buried on our thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. One year later I married and moved to Blaine. We went to church at Corryton where we made many friends and heard great sermons which bonded our marriage with the love of God.

I am now sixty-seven years old and have taught a Sunday school class for fifty plus years. I have taught every age group in the church from age five to eighty-five. God has been good to me all the days of my life. We now live near the two sons, their precious wives, and the sweetest grandchildren on earth.

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Joe is married to his wife of 24 years, Amanda. They are members of Beaverdale Baptist Church.

Joe currently serves Knox County, Tennessee, as its law director. Joe came to saving, personal relationship with Jesus Christ during his service overseas as a United States Army Combat Arms Officer in 1984. He  has been practicing local government law since 1989, during which time he served Polk County, Florida (population 554,000), as its County Attorney, Manatee County as an Assistant County Attorney, and the Florida Association of County Attorneys (FACA) as its president.  He is the 2009 recipient of FACA’s Gordon Johnston Ethics and Professionalism for Local Government Attorneys Award. Joe is a Federal and Circuit Civil Mediator who holds the Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, from Troy State University (W. Germany Campus), the Masters in Public Administration from Central Michigan University, the Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law, and a post-Graduate Certificate in Public Management from the University of South Florida.  He is a former active duty United States Army Combat Arms Officer and former United States Air Force Special Agent with 10 years overseas service, and a graduate of the Army’s Airborne and Armored Cavalry Schools and the United States Air Force Special Investigations Academy.  An award-winning writer, Joe has published over 85 articles in various professional journals such as the Florida Bar Journal, the Tennessee Bar Journal, City, The Agenda, published by the City, County & Local Government Law Section of The Florida Bar, the Alternative Dispute Resolution News published by the Tennessee Dispute Resolution Commission, DICTA, published by the Knoxville Bar Association, Public Risk Journal, published by the Public Risk & Insurance Management Association (PRIMA), Public Management, published by the International City & County Managers Association (ICMA) and the Stetson University College of Law, Law Review. His writing awards include the Florida Bar, Osee R. Fagan, Legal Writing Award, The Florida Association of County Attorneys Legal Writing Award, and has been named Public Risk Management Magazine’s ‘Author of the Year’ for 2005 & 2006.  He is a recipient of the Florida Bar, City, County, & Local Government Section Chair’s Service Award. He has recently presented blocks of instruction on behalf of FACA, the Florida Bar, the Tennessee Judicial Conference, the National Association of Counties, the Tennessee Municipal Attorneys Association, the Tennessee & Knoxville Bar Associations, the University of Tennessee College of Law, The International Municipal Attorneys Association, Stetson University College of Law and the International City & County Managers Association.