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We are pleased to offer for your listening pleasure some of our favorite songs of praise. We know that you will enjoy them and ask only that they not be reproduced or marketed for sale or rent. All of these songs and many more are available for purchase in the form of CD or cassette tape albums from Graceworks Studio (except for those performed by The Merritts, The New Calvery Echoes or Cross 4 Crowns). You may contact Graceworks at (865) 687-3210. You may purchase songs by The Merritts by calling (865) 992-0200. Songs by Cross 4 Crowns can be purchased online at their website ( Songs by The New Calvery Echoes can be purchased online at their website (

Play any song by clicking your selection from the playlist within the player. The next song in the list will then play automatically in sequential order. Alternatively, you can select the first song then click the "Random Playback" and "Repeat Playlist" buttons to play the entire list randomly, or click only the "Loop Track" button to play the current song repeatedly.